Azamat Kozhekov

Head of Project Management Department

Azamat Kozhekov is an expert on construction, commissioning and maintenance of buildings and structures. His experience in the field of maintenance and construction is more than 30 years.

Over the past 12 years, he has worked as a technical director for construction and technical issues in one of the largest corporations in Almaty – Ile Korporatsiyasy. Under the leadership of Azamat Kozhekov, more than 1,270 people worked. He managed such construction and operation projects as the Lumiere cinema in the Zangar Shopping Center, the reconstruction of the Zangar Shopping Center, the Almaty Fan Factory, two large business centers, the Samal Hotel and others.

As a technical director, he was actively involved in the creation of concepts and development of projects of buildings under construction from the very first stages: from the calculation of business plans and obtaining permits, to commissioning. In order to ensure effective work, he worked closely with the Administrative Apparatus of the city of Almaty, personally ensuring control over compliance with project quality standards.