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Many professional associations and independent publications include Colliers International among the leading organizations in the real estate industry, taking into account both our commercial success and our commitment to innovation and social responsibility.


We will optimize your rental costs:

  • We will negotiate with the Landlord on your behalf on the terms of the lease
  • We will review and optimize the layout of the current office
  • FREE of CHARGE we will select alternative options for moving in the shortest possible time
  • Let’s make a financial analysis of the lease of the current office in comparison with the move
  • We will renovate the office by the contractor Colliers within your budget
  • And much more!

Start saving on your office rent today with our professional help.

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Sagit Aliyev, Senior Consultant, Office Brokerage:  +7 777 290 5022

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You can get a full list of services to optimize your office rental costs and their cost by email or Whatsapp.


If you are planning to implement a real estate project, the involvement of Colliers International consultants in the development of the concept will help you correctly determine its market positioning, highlight competitive advantages and make it commercially effective.

Colliers International specialists have a successful experience in implementing both residential projects of various classes and commercial real estate projects in various market sectors.

Our experience in the field of strategic consulting allows us to implement projects of different scale and orientation in the following segments of the economy:

  • Realty
  • Construction
  • Tourism
  • Green building
  • Trade
  • Urban development

We work at all stages of the project: from the creation of an idea to the implementation of the developed strategy. Depending on your goals and objectives, we will create any package of consulting services.

Our contacts:

Bayan Kuatova, Managing Partner: +7 777 212 5887

Assel Mussabekova, Business Development Director: +7 701 711 4225

Ekaterina Hodyreva, Senior Consultant: +7 708 710 22 24


Specialists in the field of development consulting will help you:

  • Make an informed choice about the object and method of development
  • Get independent expert opinion to assess the viability of the project
  • Professionally develop the project concept
  • Get financial calculations for the project, allowing you to estimate its payback period and profitability
  • Ensure high-quality implementation of the project by attracting international specialists

Why Colliers International?

  • Our team of specialists has considerable experience in similar projects in Kazakhstan, the CIS and the world
  • We have access to relevant specialists within the global Colliers network
  • We personally know really good architects, engineers and other international specialists

Our contacts

Bayan Kuatova, Managing Partner: +7 777 212 5887

Assel Mussabekova, Business Development Director: +7 701 711 4225


Project management services include:

  • Management of works on finishing and repair of premises
  • Managing the construction process
  • Management of moving to new premises and carrying out works on expansion of premises
  • Audit of leased / own premises
  • Development of a feasibility study
  • Managing changes to the layout
  • Managing individual assets and portfolio of assets
  • Assessment and control of project implementation costs and / or preparation of estimates for construction and / or repair works

The Project Management Department provides strategic management services for both public and private sector clients.

Our contacts

Azamat Kozhekov, Head of project management Department: +7 701  721 5333


Colliers International provides brokerage services and can act as a consultant on marketing, rental and / or sale of commercial real estate on behalf of owners, landlords and developers, as well as on behalf of tenants and buyers.

We are in constant contact with both developers of large shopping centers and owners of stores on busy shopping streets, which allows us to identify and quickly respond to any changes that occur in the retail market. Our experienced staff advises customers on their retail strategy, including locations, sizes and number of stores. We will conduct negotiations for the client and on behalf of the client in order to obtain the most favorable rental conditions.

In addition, we provide advice on retail rental strategies and expansion plans for both international retailers and local retail companies

Our contacts

Bayan Kuatova, Managing Partner: +7 777 212 5887

Assel Mussabekova, Business Development Director: +7 701 711 4225


Do you want to rent out?

Our team will prepare for you detailed information about competing properties, as well as current trends in the real estate market. Our experts will help you:

  • Identify your facility’s competitive advantages and opportunities for further improvements
  • Create a customized go-to-market strategy that is tailored to your business goals
  • Apply best-in-class marketing tools to relevant target audiences, thereby creating a sustained interest in your property and a strong connection with potential customers

Your real estate lawyer

Customers often ask: “Why do we need Colliers, if we can find an office for rent? “At first glance, the question seems fair – you can search in the” Roof”, go around the business centers of the city yourself. But how often do you look for a new office? Once every 3-5 years? We do this on a daily basis and know the strengths and weaknesses of all buildings in the city. We have the necessary skills, experience and unique software – Office Expert, which allows you to perform a quick, efficient and independent analysis of the proposed office space according to the specified parameters.

Leased area

There is such thing as a common, rentable, and usable area. An office broker knows how to calculate the coefficient of usable space, where there are “losses” that can be included in the rental price, at what rate the rent of common areas is usually paid – corridors, elevators, san. nodes on the floor, etc.


Open space has become the norm for almost all companies in the market, while the most “advanced” tenants follow modern trends, adjusting their office to them – more areas for informal communication and recreation, an office like a coworking or like Google – different corporate cultures require different implementation in square meters. Broker knows how to cater for the needs of your business in the form of office space, the amount of area to accommodate the required spaces, how to make the Seating arrangements of the staff, observing all rules of a policy of communication and interaction of people within the company.

Rental rate

What is included in the rental rate? For what period is it fixed? Is indexing provided? What payments will be made in addition to paying for the rent of the premises? The expert and independent opinion of Colliers is vital, especially when it comes to future rental payments in the amount of several tens of millions of tenge per month!

Characteristics of the building

Our database contains all the business centers of the city, and many years of experience in the market allows us to know all the nuances of Your future business address – as well as what materials the building is constructed, the number and speed of lifts, repair of system of heating and ventilation, the traffic load of the area and sufficient Parking if the building or its immediate surroundings, the catering, etc. – everything that makes Your office comfortable for employees and customers.

Management company

We personally know all the owners and managers. At the same time, we ensure absolute transparency of the office selection process and always defend and protect the interests of the tenant.

The image of the company

An office is an integral part of your business reputation. It “helps” you to ensure the efficiency of the staff and create the desired image of the company in the eyes of customers. We help you make the right choice that is fully consistent with your corporate policy, strategy and values.

Do you want Colliers to become your personal lawyer for all matters related to commercial real estate? Please contact us, we are always happy to help! Customer success = our success.

Our specialists have become real experts in preparing real estate-related strategies to meet your current and future needs. Our experts:

  • They will help you make the right choice among the properties offered on the market
  • Provide you with a detailed analysis of market conditions and trends in order to ensure the best choice
  • They inform you in a timely manner about existing obstacles and typical mistakes that tenants make, which will allow you to move to a new premises or renew the contract with the current landlord with minimal interruptions in your business processes

Our contacts

Zakir Kaliyev, Senior Consultant, Office Brokerage:  + 7 707 326 4505

Sagit Aliyev, Senior Consultant, Office Brokerage:  +7 777 290 5022


Based on national and international valuation standards and professional experience, Colliers Kazakhstan offers a reasoned and independent valuation of real estate both in Kazakhstan and abroad.

Our contacts

Bayan Kuatova, Managing Partner:
Phone: +7 777 212 5887

Assel Mussabekova, Business Development
Director: +7 701 711 4225

Ekaterina Hodyreva, Senior Consultant:
Phone: +7 708 710 22 24

Valuation and consultancy services:

  • Valuation of individual assets and portfolio of assets
  • Analysis of ready-made evaluation reports
  • Assessment of lease payments and operating costs
  • Assessment for insurance purposes
  • Valuation by discounting cash flows
  • Market and financial justification
  • Investment analysis
  • Market research and analysis
  • Consulting on the development of the project
  • Business valuation
  • Valuation of intangible assets


We offer you a list of our services for the management of the object:

Maintenance and maintenance work;

* Annual preparation of budgets for the management of the Facility, conducting tenders and selecting organizations that provide services at the Facility;

* Control of the operational operation of the Facility (security, cleaning, cleaning of the adjacent territory, removal of all types of waste, etc.);

* Supply of all resources, materials, tools, and equipment that are necessary to ensure proper operation of the Facility in accordance with quality housing standards;

* Support of contracts with public utilities for the supply of public services (hot and cold water supply and sewerage, electricity, heat, gas supply);

* Provision of monthly reports on the consumption of utilities, preparation of reports and calculations on the amount of payments due from the Customer and owners for utilities;

* Maintaining a database of technical documentation for the building (projects, the act of delineation of operational responsibility and others, if any);

· Maintenance work, execution of requests, as well as bypass, inspection and control of the technical condition and parameters of the engineering systems of the Object in strict accordance with the developed procedures;

* Emergency maintenance scheme – 24 hours, 7 days a week, round-the-clock duty of the operation service, which ensures timely detection with the help of automated control systems and fire alarm systems of the building and immediate prompt elimination of accidents and malfunctions in engineering systems;

* Consulting services to the Owner in the field of Object operation;

* Cleaning;

* Management of the security service;

* Landscaping of the surrounding area, Parking, washing of facades.

Our contacts

Bayan Kuatova, Managing Partner: +7 777 212 5887

Assel Mussabekova, Business Development Director: +7 701 711 4225