Colliers International prides itself on attracting and developing the very best employees in the industry. We are convinced that the right team plays a key role in our business.

Colliers International employs specialists of different levels and degrees of training: both experts with extensive experience and promising graduates of the best universities in the country. We offer our employees work experience in one of the leading international consulting companies in the commercial real estate segment, participation in projects of high level and importance, work in a creative and highly qualified team, the opportunity to realize their professional ambitions and personal potential.

For a novice specialist, working in our company is an entrance ticket to the market of commercial real estate leaders. We offer professionals to apply the accumulated experience in the framework of Colliers International and expand the portfolio of large implemented projects. Every employee of the company has the opportunity to take advantage of one of the best professional training and development programs in the field of consulting – Colliers University.

Our company is based on an entrepreneurial approach and an active lifestyle. We highly value initiative, ability to achieve goals and solve complex tasks. If you are ready to go only forward, we are on our way!

Colliers University

Colliers University Corporate University started its work in 2002, and this event was a real breakthrough in our industry. The university’s activities are based on the belief that employee training is a competitive advantage of the company. Since then, the Colliers University corporate university has expanded significantly, now the university has more than 1,000 courses, and more than 5,000 Colliers International specialists have been trained at the corporate university, which has contributed to their professional growth and personal success and development.

The university uses a comprehensive approach to learning. The educational program includes courses on commercial real estate, business and personal development.

Our values

Services, professionalism, benefits for society, pleasure from work form the key core of our activities. We are guided by these values at work and in life, they help us create a unique experience for our clients and achieve success in all endeavors. If real estate services are based on shared values, the team performs best by building long-term and productive relationships with colleagues, clients and the community.

What do employees say about Colliers?

Ilya Babkin, head of the Project Management Department, explained how, why and why he works in our company.


We strive to benefit the community in the regions where we operate, as well as promote sustainable development in terms of business practices, environmental protection and workplace organization. We show compassion for people who are in difficult life situations, respect the differences that exist between us and appreciate the individuality of each person.


We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. The working atmosphere in the company is imbued with optimism, energy and enthusiasm and promotes effective business and interpersonal interaction. We succeed because we like what we do.


Working with us is always a positive experience, because we exceed the expectations of customers in terms of commercial results and at the level of personal relationships. Integrity determines our approach to interacting with clients and colleagues.


We are proud to accumulate professional experience and share it to increase the success of our customers and employees. The constant expansion of our knowledge base allows us to be creative about everything we do.